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Big Little Wish

Our Story

Hi friends, I'm Deanna — the proud owner of Big Little Wish, and I'm beyond thrilled to have you here. You see, I've always had a love for fashion and nothing could make me happier than being able to dress up my own little ones in cute outfits and accessories. But let me just tell you, my wish to become a Mom wasn't as easy as I thought it would be...

My husband Justin and I went through three and a half years of infertility and numerous rounds of IVF treatments. But finally, in December of 2019, we were blessed to become parents and now have two adorable boys who are the biggest inspiration behind this brand.

Now, as a mom of boys, I know how much they love to carry their favorite toys, cars, trucks, and whatnots around. But let's be real, they do it with their tiny little hands, which isn't always practical. That's why I created Big Little Wish - functional and stylish accessories just like us moms like it! My goal with Big Little Wish is to bring joy and confidence to every little one out there. And we can't wait to see how kids rock their Big Little Wish merchandise on their daily adventures!Thanks for choosing to be a part of our journey and supporting our Big Little Wish come true.

XO, Deanna Witte, Founder